Frequently Asked Questions

PERKS Transition

If you were a CBS Local Offers customer, we are excited that you are now part of the Get My PERKS family! Below are some answers to specific questions regarding the merger of CBS Local Offers and Get My PERKS:

Can I still access my CBS Local Offers Account?

You cannot access your account after December 15, 2017. If you need help with your offers from CBS Local Offers, we will help you: or call 1-800-252-4361 Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm EST

How do I get my vouchers?

We will be happy to send you vouchers you have purchased via CBS Local Offers. Here is our customer service info that is specific to your CBS Local Offers account (but if you open a ticket with Get My PERKS, we'll still make sure you get help): or call 1-800-252-4361 Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm EST

Will businesses still accept my CBS Local Offers Vouchers?

Yes! Just like you are moving to Get My PERKS, your favorite CBS Local Offer partners are also moving!

Do I have to create a new Get My PERKS Account?

Yes. We take your privacy and security very seriously, so instead of transferring your sensitive and personal information and credit card data, you will need to create a new account. The good news is it only takes about 60 seconds. Create an account here.

Why the change from CBS Local offers to Get My PERKS?

In November of 2017, Entercom Communications merged with CBS Radio. The new Entercom Communications is now one of the largest radio broadcasters in the United States and we serve over 100,000,000 weekly listeners. Get My PERKS is the premiere eCommerce brand of Entercom Communications and we are excited that your favorite radio stations are now part of the Entercom family and part of Get My PERKS!

What is Get My PERKS?

Get My PERKS is the premiere eCommerce destination for Entercom Communications and the hundreds of radio stations that are part of the Entercom family. Get My PERKS specializes in offering you fun things to do, great places to go and some pretty awesome prices, too. You can find everything from concert tickets to fine dining. Our PERKS are changing all the time, so sign up for email today and Get My PERKS!

How do I buy today's PERK?

You can either checkout as a guest or you can create an account on our secure servers and make buying additional PERKS easier by storing your information. Read the fine print and redemption instructions carefully as each PERK is different.

What happens after I buy a PERK?

We'll send you emails to confirm your purchases. If you have purchased a voucher offer, the PERK will arrive as a PDF attachment to your email. If you don't see your voucher within two hours, you can login to your account and print from your account.

What if I want to use just part of the PERK and save the rest for later?

In most cases, you may only use a PERK once at the merchant location and any remaining balance is forfeit. However, check the description of the deal and the fine print for any specific information on redeeming your PERK.

If my name is on the Get My PERKS voucher, can the merchant charge my account?

No. The merchant does not have access to any credit card information; this information is secure and not shared. They do have access to a list of purchasers and the voucher numbers to validate and redeem the deal.

Is the transaction safe for me to use?

Yes. The transaction uses SSL and other industry standard security features to ensure that no one else has access to your credit card information.

How will this purchase appear on my credit card statement?

Your billing or credit card statement will appear with GMP or Get My PERKS as the merchant name.

How can I pay for my deals?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. PayPal is not a current option for checkout, but look for it soon!

When I gift a PERK to a friend, will they have access to my account information?

No, on the Get My PERKS voucher, there is a record of the transaction, the purchaser's name and the gifted consumer's name, along with a unique code. The payment information is secure inside your online account that no one has access to.

Can I combine my PERK with other offers the merchant might have presented previously?

Probably not, but check the terms and description of the deal to make sure. If it doesn't say, you might check with the merchant before you take your voucher to be redeemed.

What if the merchant does not honor the offer?

We go out of our way to vet each advertiser and make sure they live up to our high standards. On the rare occurrence that something happens and you're not satisfied, we will refund the offer.

What if I miss the expiration date?

If you miss the expiration date on your deal, take heart, all is not lost! While the additional discounts are no longer available, you are still entitled to goods and services equal to the paid value of the voucher. To the extent required by applicable law, after the Deal Expiration Date, Merchant shall permit the purchaser to redeem the Certificate for the goods and services of the Merchant in the amount of the cash paid by purchaser, until that cash amount is redeemed in full. The Certificates will not be subject to any fees (including without limitation any usage, dormancy, inactivity or service fees).

For example, if you spend $25 to buy a $50 voucher for your new favorite restaurant, but are unable to get there before the expiration date, you will still be entitled to $25 of food, drink and good times. The merchant is responsible by law to honor the certificate as noted above.

I know a great place that should offer a PERK. What should I do?

You can recommend business for Get My PERKS any time. Just Contact Us or simply tell your favorite business about us!

Are taxes and gratuity included?

In some cases, taxes are applied to the purchase price. In these cases, you will be notified before you purchase. Gratuity is not included in the purchase price unless specifically stated. We pride ourselves that our customers are a cut above the rest. Please tip on the full retail value of the offer!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us with any issue you have. We have an online contact form which is the fastest way to get answers.

Trouble viewing the site?

Get My PERKS supports Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 7+, Safari 5+ and Google Chrome 14+. Our site is optimally viewed using a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 9+.

If you're having trouble viewing pages using Internet Explorer, there may be an issue with the security settings in your browser. To fix this problem, try either adding Get My PERKS to your "Trusted Sites" list, or modifying your Security Zone settings using the following instructions:

To add Get My PERKS to the Trusted Sites list:

  1. From the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options".
  2. Click the "Security Tab".
  3. Click the "Trusted Sites" icon.
  4. Verify that the security level for this zone is set to "Medium" or "Medium-High". If they're set to "Custom", click the button that says "Reset all zones to default level".
  5. Click the "Sites" button.
  6. In the box marked "Add this web site to the zone" type in "x". (Do not type "https://"; or "www".)
  7. Make sure the box marked "Require server verification for all sites in this zone" is NOT checked. Click "close".

To change your Security Zone settings:

  1. From the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options".
  2. Click the "Security Tab".
  3. Click the "Internet" icon.
  4. Ensure your settings are set to "Medium" or "Medium-High". If they're set to "Custom", click the button that says "Reset all zones to default level".
  5. Click "close".