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Stumptown Escape Games
Behold: The Next generation of Escape Room Games…Stumptown Escape!

Our oversized escape rooms, challenging puzzles, and high quality set design provide immersive live action game-play for all players. We also offer a fun and fast paced environment for team building exercises.

STARCRASH: You are part of the crew of the USS Perseid, the newest and finest ship of the entire intergalactic fleet. One small problem... You walk onto the bridge to discover the command crew gone and the ship stuck in FTL. Also, the power is failing, life support is out, and navigation is kaput. It also seems that communications are fried, so calling for help is impossible. You might also want to figure out how to get weapons back online since an enemy armada will be within range in an hour. Finest ship in the fleet indeed.

THE OREGON FILES: Your dad's little brother was always a little peculiar. Every holiday he would regale you with tales about your home state of Oregon. UFO's, Sasquatch, D.B. Cooper, some kind of Vortex, there seemed to be no limit to the weirdness. To say you were surprised to get a panicked call from him would be an understatement, what he said during that call outright shocked you. Now, you have 60 minutes to find the evidence in his cabin which has him on the run and get out before the feds raid the place. Isn't family great?

SEANCE: Opens Spring of 2018

WARDENCLYFFE: Opens Spring of 2018

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-Online reservations required!
-Once scheduled, bookings are non-refundable because your space is being guaranteed for the selected time slot.

-Games begin PROMPTLY at their posted start time, you MUST arrive 15-20 minutes before game time.
-Groups with any player under 16 years old MUST have an adult (18+) player with them.

-No children under the age of 10 will be allowed in our escape rooms.

-If you are wanting to play a game you have already attempted, you MUST book the entire room.
-To ensure you get the whole room reserved for your party, you must purchase the maximum available slots for your chosen game.

About Stumptown Escape Games

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Stumptown Escape Games 12250 SW Main St, Suite 120
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