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Clark County ScareGrounds

The Clark County ScareGround’s is the Northwest’s premier all ages Halloween event located on the 170-acre Clark County Event Center campus in Ridgefield, WA. Featuring three massive Haunted Houses, the Scream Parlor, Midway & Exhibits, Photo ops, and GHOULS GALORE! The ScareGround’s is the #1 destination for a scary-good time this October.

Return to the Asylum:
After the Green Run incident the year prior, the Doctor managed to evade police and left town without a trace. He quickly set plans in motion to restart his research in a new and improved facility. This time he has set up a whole mess of new experiments as he continues his pursuit to construct the perfect being. Hes got his eye on you. You and your group have been selected to participate in his next experiment, whether willing or not… and this time, no one leaves alive.

The Lost Colony:
During a time when superstition and fear of black magic plagued the land, the townsfolk of Roanoke executed many for the alleged practice of witchcraft. Most were innocent of any crime, but one had a dark sinister secret and cursed the colony. Vanished into thin air, leaving behind only one clue, the word “croatoan” carved into a giant oak tree. Local folklore warns anyone who sets foot on the cursed soil will endure the same fate. But that’s just some silly story, right?

Night Terrors:
The Baron is an eccentric collector of ancient artifacts, and strange antiquities. His mansion almost has a life of itself, a massive maze of rooms and secret passage ways dedicated entirely to his collection and research. Your group has been invited to the unveiling of his latest artifact find. The party quickly turns to tragedy as guest realize this is just one big experiment. The only chance for escape is to make your way deep into the estate, and conquer your nightmares.

Why we love it

  • The Northwest Largest Halloween Event!
  • Three massive Haunted Houses under one roof!
  • Free parking!
-Not valid on Saturday, 10/21 or 10/28.
-Only printed vouchers will be accepted.

About Clark County ScareGrounds

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Clark County ScareGrounds Location:
Clark County SCAREGrounds 17402 NE Delfel Rd
Ridgefield, Washington, 98642, US Get Directions
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