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BIKETOWN Annual Membership

Entercom - Portland
$5.75 will be charged as an additional handling fee.
BIKETOWN is Portland's bike share program with 1,000 bikes at 100 stations across downtown and several neighborhoods. The system was designed for quick trips with convenience in mind, and it’s a fun and affordable way to get around.

Why we love it

  • BIKETOWN is perfect for one-way trips around town, and even easier than using your own bike!
  • Fun, Affordable, and Convenient
An Annual Membership includes unlimited rides and 90 minutes of riding time per day. If you want to ride for longer than 90 minutes in a day, it's only an additional 10 cents per minute. Instructions on how to register for your 1 Year Membship will be mailed via the USPS in 3-5 business days.There is a $5.75 shipping charge per order.