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1 on 1 Consultation + 21 Day Quick Trim Resolution Program

BeatsPerMinute Fitness, LLC
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Losing weight and getting healthy can be difficult, but luckily BeatsPerMinute Fitness is here! BeatsPerMinute Fitness offers convenient, efficient, heart rate-oriented workouts to help you shed fat faster than ever before!

One-on-One Consultation:
Not sure if it's your diet that's the problem... not sure if it's the exercise piece... your day to day routine... your rest habits...been stuck in a rut and feel like nothing is changing... or really anything in between?! You’ll spend an entire hour, scheduled at your convenience, discussing the whole picture and how you can turn it around right now!

21 Day Quick Trim Resolution:
The program hits hard but you’re going to hit hard right back! You will feel a great deal of change during week one and experience a lot of adaptation. Everything feels different and all feels new. Keeping the body guessing and changing the movements and duration is what keeps you from plateauing. Complete with a workout guide with videos showing you exactly how to perform the exercises and an all-in-one 21-day diet plan.

Why we love it

  • Workout anytime, anyplace, and from any device! Your customized program comes with videos that are accessible anywhere via computer, tablet, smartphone, or streamed to your television.
  • Programs are body weight focused so they don't require any fancy pieces of equipment. The benefit is you can take your program with you to the gym, park, beach, or the comfort of your own home!
  • A huge portion of your success comes from a healthy diet. We've got you covered there too with a customized plan that will help you burn fat all while fueling your workouts.

Fine Print

None! This amazing offer is exactly as advertised!