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Today's Deal: Discounted Admission For Two into The Dark Carnival Haunted House

The Dark Carnival
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A cool shudder trickles down your spine. Glancing around nervously, you see somber portraits staring at you from behind layers of dust, seemingly penetrating your very being. Cold, hesitant light streams in through a cracked window, casting eerie shadows on the walls. As you walk forward, you can't help but feel that someone is following you. Whirling around, you see nothing but empty hallway and the faces in the portraits staring at you. 'Turn back' they seem to say, but you swallow a nervous whimper and continue into the dark bowels of the house...

You enter a dark room in the center of the house. Shadows seem to swirl around your feet, sucking you in. In a burst of panic, you fumble for a light switch. You flip it up and down frantically, but the room remains immersed in darkness. Fear settles in, and deep down you know you're not alone in the dark. Something brushes your back. You turn, but there is nothing. Nothing you can see, that is. Outside you can hear the autumn wind howling, and it almost sounds like laughter to your panicked mind. A low chuckle breaks your thought process, directly in front of you. You scream, but hear nothing in the overwhelming blackness. You're being drawn in, drowned in slumbering evil, there is no escape...

Why we love it

  • Voted 2nd best haunt in the midwest
  • Over 40 rooms of shear terror
Valid on Friday and Saturday only, starting 10/6 thru 10/28

About The Dark Carnival

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The Dark Carnival Location:
The Dark Carnival 212 E. Wisconsin Avenue
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, 53066, US Phone: 262.490.6742 Get Directions
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