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Official Merch: Women's Tank with Guitar Shark Logo from 104.3 The Shark. Small or Medium
Official Merch: Women's Tank with Scuba Girl Logo from 104.3 The Shark. Small or Medium
Official Merch: Women's Tank with Shark For Pres Logo from 104.3 The Shark. Small or Medium
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Official Merch from 104.3 The Shark. Pick the Scuba Girl, Guitar Shark or Shark for Pres Women's Tank Top

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We are officially launching the 104.3 The Shark Merchandise Line . . .and we believe all chicks should wear really tight and really amazing tank tops with our logo plastered, well, all over. You can pick from the Shark Guitar or the Scuba Girl logo in either small or medium. **Newly Added: The Shark for PRES Tank**

Here is how you know this piece of SHARK HISTORY should be yours:
  1. You have a girlfriend and she listens to 104.3 The Shark and this is a good way to get her to show you some clevage
  2. Hello, this is perfect to wear over that bikini. It's easy to take off, too. We're just saying
  3. You want everyone to know you have NO SHAME when it comes to listening to the best music on the planet

Every person you know will worship you with this 100% approved 104.3 The Shark t-shirt.
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Why we love it

  • 100% Approved by 104.3 The Shark
  • Sizes Small - Medium
  • Guitar Shark, Scuba Girl and Shark for Pres logos are Limited Edition for 104.3 The Shark and ONLY Sold via Get My PERKS

Fine Print

  • Your 104.3 The Shark Merchandise will ship within 12 business days of you placing your order.
  • That means it could take up to 18 business days to get to you.
  • You suck at being patient . . . . we already know that about you.
  • No refunds or exchanges are allowed.


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