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Summer bodies are made in the fall right? Check out the Star 94.1 Fitness Pass! This Star 94.1 Fitness Pass is good for three classes at 8 different gyms and fitness facilities:

Alloy Personal Training Center:
Alloy was founded in 1992. Through our facility in Roswell, GA, and our worldwide licensing system, Team Alloy has helped countless people get in the best shape of their lives and helped them realize that being fit is much more than what we see in the mirror – it helps us live life to the fullest. University-degreed exercise physiologists, an onsite doctor of physical therapy, a registered dietician and other advisory board behavioral specialists are all involved in the creation of our programs. Our programs are created and tested in a real facility, with real clients. What does this all mean? Real results!

Sky Gym:
Sky Fit is an intensive conditioning program for all levels whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned flyer. Suspension training in the aerial fabrics will dramatically improve your strength and endurance while creating a lean and toned body. Using your own bodyweight and gravity, you are in total control of how far to push yourself. Prepare to be challenged and totally spent by the end of class!

Snap Fitness Roswell:
LOOK GOOD, FEEL GREAT, GET RESULTS! Everyone has fitness goals, but physical transformations are only part of what members accomplish in our gyms. We want you to feel great about your health and wellness, inside and out. With high-quality equipment and world-class support from staff members, we’re here to help you every step of the way as you work towards your goals.

The Bar Method:
"Several decades ago, I dreamed of an exercise technique that would give students beautiful, lean, toned and healthy bodies for life and would help empower them to realize their own dreams. I started with an exercise technique I loved, The Lotte Berk Method, and fine-tuned its exercises by drawing on the knowledge of physical therapists.I added wisdom from my father George Leonard’s book, “Mastery,” to create a teaching system that would empower students to make lasting changes to both their bodies and lives. The product of my work is The Bar Method." -- Burr Leonard : Founder and CEO

Body Jump Fitness:
Jumping® is a dynamic fitness training system, conducted on specially developed Jumping® PROFI trampolines. Jumping® was born of the idea of developing a training program, that would considerably strengthen body and mind while keeping fun in mind. The basis of Jumping® is a combination of fast and slow jumps, variations of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and ”power sports” elements. The complexity of the exercises guarantees that one’s whole body will be strengthened.

Korsi Hot Yoga:
Korsi Yoga, in Roswell, is a boutique yoga studio, founded to provide a space where all will feel welcome and safe to explore, learn and grow in the practice of yoga, wherever you find yourself along the journey. We offer many styles and lineages, because we believe a well-rounded approach to yoga is where the fullest growth and potential lie. Whether you are looking to have a powerful session, where you will sweat it out in our hot, Lift room, or looking to dive deep into a more healing, meditative session in our non-heated, Falling Away room, we’ve got something for everyone! And through workshops, special events, and teacher trainings, if you are seeking a deeper understanding of the philosophy and lifestyle of the yoga practice, we have that too!

Kettle Corps Fitness:
Kettle Corps’ uniquely restorative programming is the creation of former college and pro football standout, Jason Hall. During his playing days Jason suffered numerous injuries that eventually cost him his career. By way of Jason’s extensive strength and conditioning background, he became incredibly knowledgeable, of the human body’s mechanics. However, it was not until his career progressed to the highest levels that these holistic methods of training were incorporated as a regular part of his workout programming. It was during these years that Jason procured much of his knowledge base of how these restorative modalities can not only be used for healing, but also for performance and function.

Iron Tribe Fitness East Cobb:
Founded in Birmingham, Alabama — a city fondly nicknamed the Iron City for its rich history in iron and steel — Iron Tribe Fitness is ranked one of the top 5 best workouts in the nation and blends one-on-one coaching with HIIT-style group fitness. Because we want you to get the most out of every 45-minute workout, we always provide two highly-trained coaches and limit classes to 20 participants. Each workout targets a wide range of muscle groups while also integrating cardio exercises. You’ll get amazing results and never be bored with your workout again!

Fine Print

• Star 94.1 Fitness Pass is only valid at participating gyms or facilities. For participating gyms and facilities with more than one location, pass is only valid at the location listed on the pass.

• Promotional value will expire 12/01/2018.

• Valid for new customers only. Limit 1 per person. Additional Star Fitness Passes must be purchased for more than one person.

• The Star 94.1 Fitness Pass has no cash value and is not replaceable if lost or stolen. Passholder is solely responsible for the fitness pass.

• Check in will be required by the passholder to the participating gym or facility. Passholder may be subject to medical waivers and agreements at each participating gym or fitness centers.

• All goods and services must only be used by the person who purchased the Star Fitness Pass. Participating gyms or facilities will require additional ID at the time of check in.

• The Star 94.1 Fitness Pass is limited to three (3) active visits to classes at participating gyms or facilities as listed on the pass. An employee of the participating gym or facility will hole punch through their logo after each visit is used.

• Additional cost is required by passholder after three free class visits, by becoming a member of the participating gym.

• Operating hours and other restrictions may vary by participating gym or facility. Contact the gym or facility in advance to check availability.

• Star 94.1 cannot guarantee the availability of class spaces due to operation of the fitness center or class size.

• This pass is not valid with any other offers or promotions.

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