5 Pack - Official Bill Nye “The Science Guy” ISO Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses
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5 Pack - Official Bill Nye “The Science Guy” ISO Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Many grocery stores may not stock, or will run out of solar eclipse glasses. Buy now and save. Buy now and be safe.


To find out what percentage blackout - the eclipse will be in your city, click on this link:
For example:
McMinnville, OR (100% Blackout) Seattle, WA (93% Blackout) San Diego, CA (66% Blackout) New York, New York (77% Blackout)

We believe that watching the eclipse should not only be safe, it should also be fun and safe! These Bill Nye "The Science Guy" solar eclipse sunglasses make viewing entertaining, while at the same time as keeping your eyes protected. Our glasses for the eclipse are suitable for adults and children.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses Made to the Highest Scientific Standard
Our glasses for eclipse viewing not only look good, they are also made to conform to all safety standards, enabling users to watch the eclipse without damaging their eyes. Instructions for proper use are printed on the inside of each cardboard frame, ensuring that every wearer understands proper viewing etiquette. Our glasses are CE certified, ISO approved, and independently tested to ensure they meet the demanding specification required. DO NOT USE ANY SOLAR ECLIPSE GLASSES THAT AREN’T ISO CERTIFIED!

Despite their low price tag, every pair of glasses is made to block out 100% of harmful UV and infrared as well as 99.999% of intense visible light. This provides all the protection you need for safe viewing; REGULAR SUNGLASSES ARE INSUFFIECENT PROTECTION WHEN LOOKING AT THE SUN!

Why we love it

  • 2 shipping options to choose from: Standard USPS, or Priority Mail
  • One Size fits all. For Children and Adults.
  • Endorsed by Bill Nye "The Science Guy"
  • American Paper Optics is an American Company that has been around for over 25 years
  • Have these delivered to your home or office with different delivery options
  • ISO Certified Solar Eclipse Glasses (do not buy glasses elsewhere that aren't ISO certified)
  • It's only $2 per solar eclipse glasses (comes in a 5 pack!)

Fine Print

These solar eclipse sunglasses “Conforms to and meets the Transmission Requirements of ISO 12312-2, Filters for Direct Sun Observation of the Sun Meets the Transmission Requirements of EN 1836:2005 + A1:2007 (E) for an E15 Filter for the Direct Observation of the Sun. Meets the Transmission Requirements of AS/NZS 1338.1:2012, Filters for Eye Protectors. EC Type Examination by :SAI Global Assurance Services Ltd. Manufactured by American Paper Optics LLC.

Do to not look at the sun directly without proper protection!

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